Transatlantischer Mittwoch

New Lecture Series at the Holzhausenschlösschen: „Transatlantischer Mittwoch“

We are delighted to be able to present the work of the American Academy for the first time in Frankfurt. The Culture Board of Frankfurt and the Frankfurter Bürgerstiftung in cooperation with the American Academy and the American Consulate General in Frankfurt have inaugurated a new series of events under the title „Transatlantischer Mittwoch“(Transatlantic Wednesday).

„No other city, with perhaps the exception of Berlin, is better suited to being a transatlantic bridgehead than Frankfurt because of its close cultural ties with the United States of America. I have no doubt that the lectures by the Fellows of the American Academy will attract lively interest here,” said Frankfurt’s Councillor of Culture, Prof. Dr. Felix Semmelroth.

The American Academy in Berlin is undoubtedly the most important forum for transatlantic exchange between scholars, artists, journalists and politicians from the United States and Germany. The lectures and discussions that take place here are among the finest in the intellectual life of Berlin and beyond. The “Transatlantischer Mittwoch” features four current Fellows of the American Academy’s Hans Arnhold Center. These eminent ambassadors of the cultural, scholarly and political life in the United States play a significant role in fostering transnational understanding and dialogue, which has been the American Academy’s mission statement since it was established in 1994. Figures such as Benjamin R. Barber, Anne Carson, Jenny Holzer, W. J. Mitchell, and James Whitman have shaped the institution’s outstanding reputation. The wide range of the lectures at the Holzhausenschlösschen is testimony to the Fellows’ diversity. However, all of them have one thing in common: their interest in Germany and their excellence in their chosen field.

The lectures and discussions will be held in English, there will be no interpretation available. After its debut in 2010, the “Transatlantischer Mittwoch” is to become an annual series of events.