"BENGAL STREAM – THE VIBRANT ARCHITECTURE SCENE OF BANGLADESH" 7 June 2019 to 20 October 2019 at the Deutsches Architekturmuseum


Bangladesh’s architectural world is masala (Bengali মাসালা) — an intoxicating mixture of contrasts.

Loom Shed for Amber Denim, Gazipur – Architect: Archeground Ltd. © Iwan Baan

In the delta region, it is not only the boundaries between land and water that are blurred. Past and present merge anew. An enduring witness to this is the architecture, as the exhibition of 60 projects by established and young Bengali architects shows. Bamboo structures from the past meet monumental walls of béton brut, while Bengali latticework ornaments (jali) originally made from brick transform into semitransparent fabric. This oscillation between local and international influences was already apparent in the modern movement in the Ganges Delta. Hence, there are significant traces of Louis I. Kahn to be detected in the oeuvre of local protagonist Muzharul Islam, which can be seen in original drawings.

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