Library/Video Library in the Chaplin Archive

The library of the Chaplin Archive comprises around 550 books (including 220 Chaplin biographies alone), as well as a large newspaper and magazine archive - naturally all pertaining to Charlie Chaplin. An in-house video library with ca. 170 cassettes is also available. Both libraries can be used for research, although neither books nor films can be loaned. Videos are shown at location by a giant screen projector.

The film archive includes around 450 different copies of the ca. 80 Chaplin films, including documentaries, animated films, cartoons and commercials. Numerous films with Chaplin mimics are also archived. An individual selection of films can be presented during guided tours. In the own nostalgically furnished cinema with 20 seats the Chaplin Archive holds regular events, where films shown are described in a short slide show.

Contact: Chaplin-Archiv
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