Institut für Medienpädagogik und Kommunikation (MuK) / Landesfilmdienst Hessen - Filmothek

Beim Landesfilmdienst im Verleih: "Der amerikanische Freund" von Wim Wenders...
...und Spielbergs "Indiana Jones und der letzte Kreuzzug"

The Institute for Media Education and Communication emerged from the „Hessen State Film Service for Child and Youth Education“, which was founded in 1954. Prime objective in the early years was making media serviceable for educational purposes inside and outside the school, whereas today the focus is on media pedagogics in general.

Goal of the MuK is to communicate to young people (and also adults) media competence for the active use of old and new communication technologies. The Institute advises in all questions of media pedagogics and offers educational seminars for youngsters and parents, e.g. in the fields of media theory and media practice, and also offers further education courses for adults. Upon request target group specific events can also be arranged individually.

In addition to feature films the loan programme (broadly free of charge) of the 4500 item film library of the State Film Service offers films on e.g. politics/sociology, history, geography, culture, media, pedagogics/psychology, profession, leisure, travel, economy, science/technology, nature/environment and medicine (health). The total programme of the library is avilable on disk. Computer printouts on individual themes are available free of charge.

Items may be ordered in advance and also reserved for longer periods. Technical equipment, e.g. 16 mm and video projectors, screens, recorders etc., is also available.

Institut für Medienpädagogik und Kommunikation (MuK) / Landesfilmdienst Hessen - Filmothek
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